LSNetwork (formerly LightSavers Canada) is a market transformation initiative of the Canadian Urban Institute (CUI), started by the Toronto Atmospheric Fund in 2008 and led by the CUI since 2012.  LSNetwork's purpose is to accelerate the adoption and deployment of smart and connected LED lighting systems in streets and parking areas across Canada.  Switching to LEDs saves energy, reduces GHGs and provides a platform for more connected cities. 

As a non-profit, non-partisan organization, we work to support this technology transformation by creating and sharing resources and convening conversations between key stakeholders. 

Our Work

In 2015 LSNetwork produced over 10 guides, primers and case studies; presented 6 webinars, 3 workshops and our National LED Lighting Summit; created an educational video on Hamilton’s LED streetlight conversion; and enhanced our social media presence.

2016-2017 Program

LSNetwork aims to promote the adoption of connected LED lighting through work as a developer of objective, independent information and role as a community builder.  The program will include:

  • VISUALIZING A live and interactive web-based map of LED & connected lighting applications across Canada.
  • CONVENING 6 knowledge diffusion workshops across Canada.
  • PRESENTING 6 capacity-building webinars featuring guest speakers from industry.
  • PRODUCING Next stage resources for stakeholder outreach, including: primers on overcoming barriers to networked street lighting systems building intelligent communities; a research paper on the human impacts of LED streetlight; and case studies of successful implementations of advanced lighting systems. 
  • RECOGNIZING Key Canadian lighting and controls projects with the first ever LightSavers Innovation Awards.