2018 LSNetwork Seminar - Toronto

Smart Planning our Smart Cities

The recent kickoff of the Smart Cities Challenge by Infrastructure Canada and the steady expansion of the Internet of Things (IoT) signal increasing opportunities for municipalities to empower their residents through data and technology. But with so many smart tech options available, how do you determine which smart city opportunities are best for your community? On March 5, the Canadian Urban Institute convened the LSNetwork Seminar to address the challenges and opportunities of planning smart cities in Canada. 


  • Michael Kolm, Chief Transformation Officer, City of Toronto

  • Jessie Adcock, Chief technology Offcier, City of Vancouver PRESENTATION

  • Dorothy Eng, Director of Partnerships, Code for Canada PRESENTATION

  • Sean Yeacoub, National Director for LED Conversion and Smart City, Ameresco Canada PRESENTATION

LSNetwork also presented its 2018 Innovation Awards: