2018 LSNetwork Summit - Vancouver

Building Smarter Cities with Connected Lighting

On October 29, 2018, this one-day summit examined the ways in which cities across Canada are successfully adopting innovative problem-solving methods to create smarter cities with intelligent streetlighting. Speakers included leaders in smart city thinking and digital solutions discussing technical discussions and case studies on the opportunities of connected streetlighting, adaptive controls and sensors. This included an overview of streetlighting in Los Angeles and how City of Lloydminster is piloting controls to provide light on demand.


2018 LSNetwork Seminar - Toronto

Smart Planning our Smart Cities

The recent kickoff of the Smart Cities Challenge by Infrastructure Canada and the steady expansion of the Internet of Things (IoT) signal increasing opportunities for municipalities to empower their residents through data and technology. But with so many smart tech options available, how do you determine which smart city opportunities are best for your community? On March 5, the Canadian Urban Institute convened the LSNetwork Seminar to address the challenges and opportunities of planning smart cities in Canada. 


  • Michael Kolm, Chief Transformation Officer, City of Toronto

  • Jessie Adcock, Chief technology Offcier, City of Vancouver PRESENTATION

  • Dorothy Eng, Director of Partnerships, Code for Canada PRESENTATION

  • Sean Yeacoub, National Director for LED Conversion and Smart City, Ameresco Canada PRESENTATION

LSNetwork also presented its 2018 Innovation Awards: 

2017 LSNetwork Summit - Vancouver

beyond streetlighting: Building Better Cities with Networked Controls

On November 6, LSNetwork presented its 2017 National Summit in Coquitlam, British Columbia, in partnership with the BC sections of the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) and IMSA.  The event convened experts in municipal lighting, intelligent communities and IoT innovation. Presentations addressed the challenges and opportunities for networked LED control systems in our future cities, including the transformation of streetlights into the information and communications backbones of intelligent communities. Attendees heard from:


  • Brenna Berman, Executive Director of City Digital, UI Labs

  • Michael Poplawski, Senior Engineer, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory PRESENTATION

  • Justin Readman, Interim Executive Director of Infrastructure, City of Kitchener PRESENTATION

  • Cristian Suvagau and Jason Zhang, BC Hydro PRESENTATION

  • Jim Frazer, Vice-Chair, IES Roadway Lighting Committee PRESENTATION

  • Don McLean, President, DMD & Associates

  • Amanda Smith, Director, Canadian Urban Institute and LSNetwork PRESENTATION